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What is Club Vitals?

Club Vitals is a professional web-based facilities and equipment maintenance management system created by leaders from both the equipment maintenance and health club industry. Club Vitals saves you time and money and will provide you with outstanding return on investment.

Who is it for?

Club Vitals provides seamless and effective communication between fitness club members, staff, managers and owners as well as facilities and equipment maintenance technicians.

Why use Club Vitals?

Save money

A record of your equipment's reliability and uptime over its lifespan allows you to make more educated equipment purchases and warranty tracking makes it easy to ensure you never pay for repairs to equipment under warranty.

Time Management

No more time flipping through old, disorganized paper books, less time spent managing your maintenance staff, and fewer call-outs to a third party maintenance company results in less wasted time and less wasted money.

Retain Memberships

According to IHRSA the two biggest complaints that members have about facilities are cleanliness and equipment maintenance. We can help you solve both, helping you retain your valuable memberships in this ultra-competitive market.

Keep Informed

See the state of your club at a glance, helping you identify issues before they become a problem. Check on the status of repairs to your equipment and facilities. Have your maintenance staff notified the moment a piece of equipment goes down.

Club Vitals is a pay as you go service. That means, there are no long term contracts or commitments, you simply pay month-to-month. If you wish to cancel, you will be billed for the current month, but you will never be billed again.

Getting started with Club Vitals is easy!

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